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Chocolate Chunk Blondies

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How delicious do these look? And so simple!


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Frankie’s Beef

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Frankie’s Beef: Restaurant Review

For lunch today, I had take-out from Frankie’s Beef in Oak Lawn, IL.

I ordered an Italian Beef Sandwich and Cheese Fries.

Everyone in Chicago knows we love our Italian Beef Sandwiches.

Hot beef, dipped in au jus, topped with mozzarella cheese. All served on a French roll. (Ha, Italian beef served on a French roll. Cue the irony…)

The beef was delicious. The seasoned fries were just perfect. The cheese for dipping the fries was some sort of bland nacho cheese. It was okay. I’ve definitely had better cheese.

They did forget one order of fries with the order, which is too bad.

Stop in to one of their two locations in the south Chicago suburbs and you won’t be disappointed!


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Hello world!

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Welcome to my blog! On this site, you will find all sorts of information about food! I will post recipes, pictures, information about restaurants, and anything else I come across! Hope you enjoy my site.

If you’d like to visit any of my other blogs, here are the links:

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